Connect. Create

• Enhanced sensitivity and lightning-fast connection times

• Six interchangeable tips for everything from fine lines to dynamic brush strokes

• Bluetooth 4.0 with months of battery life

• Built-in bluetooth beacon to help you find lost pens

• Smart Clip hold Pogo Connect 2 where you need it most


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$ 4.95

Pogo Connect 2 puts the fun back into sketching and note-taking on iPad. It’s a bluetooth pen that allows you to draw dynamically with different line widths effortlessly and naturally.

Add Poco Connect Smart Clip to attach your Pogo Connect 2 to your favourite iPad cover.

Should your Pogo Connect 2 come away from the Smart Clip, Pogo Connect transmits a signal to the free Pogo Connect app allowing you to track down its location.

Finally, a pen that’s impossible to lose.

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