Blast Rebel starfighters into glittering fragments

  • Battle up to 12 Battle Drones
  • 3 speed settings from beginner to advanced
  • Fly up to 55 kmh
  • Barrel Rolls at the push of a button
  • Auto take off and landing

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$ 149.00

Propel’s Star Wars Tie Advanced x1 Battle drone brings a new magic to the art of flying. Experience the thrill of piloting a Darth Vader’s ship at speeds above 55 kph and engaging friends and family in exciting multiplayer battles. Battle up to 12 Star Wars Battle drones live in your living room or back yard. Each Battle drone is hand painted to exact details and includes visible wear and tear from battles with the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Empire.
Simply download Propel’s app to your iOS or Andriod device to start learning how to safely fly with it’s inbult simulator to take you from a beginner pilot to an advanced battle pilot and engage in combat with your Tie Advaned x1 Battle drone.

Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 19 x 14.5 x 37.5 cm







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Android, Google, iOS, iPhone, Samsung

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